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History of Quinta Da Palmeira

There are no records of when the Quinta was actually constrcuted as records were not introduced in Madeira until the late 1950's. One can only speculate as to the age of the property from the source of information via the locals in the community.


It is believed that the Quinta was constructed in two phases due to the differing floor levels from one part of the house and into the other. Although the house is constructed in a similar way to a castle - solid stone and rock of over a metre in diameter, one thing is for certain, this house has been around for at least a couple of hundred years, before more modern and cheaper materials were introduced.


This Quinta has had an interesting past history and is a landmark in the area of Sao Caetano, mainly due now to its massive Palm Tree that has weathered many a storm and is a well known landmark in the area.

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Most Quintas were considered to be estate homes for the wealthy and many are now preserved as stately historic homes and museums, particularly in Funchal. In agricultural areas, such as Ponta do Sol, the Quinta was where the local land owner would reside but would be a working house where local produce would be picked and packed ready for transportation. Many older style houses would produce  a local wine (vin sec) from their own vines or sell the grapes to the larger fortified wine companies for producing the famous 'Madeira Wine'.




In 1999 an English woman purchased the house and started on the long process of renovating the property.

The first of many major works was to give the Quinta a new roof and vehicle access onto the property. Over the last 10 years, the property has been extensively worked on and at the end of 2009 the studio apartment was finished to allow visitors to enjoy the ambience of Quinta da Palmeira and Ponta do Sol.

We know that Quinta da Palmeira was primarily used for sugar cane production as Ponta do Sol was the main supplier of this invaluable crop. Over the years, the land was parcelled off and sold and bananas became the main production of the area.


The Quinta has been used for many different businesses over the years, from being owned by a prominant doctor to being used as the local village school and then an adult education centre, it was also used as grocery store and a bootmakers.  The Quinta then fell into disrepair as the previous owners died leaving the house unoccupied and over several years sadly it became delapidated and in parts derelict.

Quinta da Palmeira, surrounded by Sugar cane, this photo was taken aproximately 90 years ago.